We Believe That Learning To Code Can Be Fun.

For some reason, people are afraid of software development. Maybe you're one of those.

Maybe you think software developers:

  • Have to be math whizzes
  • Must know how to build computers
  • Need to have a college degree to learn sofware basics
  • Must be a white male to "fit in" or find a job
  • Cannot be over or under a certain age
  • Must have expensive laptops/software in order to code
  • Have to enroll in expensive programs to get started

We hate to say it, but… nope. Not at all.
And we'd like to prove it to you.

Dinner and Code is an opportunity for you to learn to code in a beginner-friendly environment. Eat good food, work on a project (or bring your own), find a mentor or be a mentor, and network with leading programming experts, recruiters, and entrepreneurs in San Antonio, Texas.

We'll spend about six hours together. We'll have a speaker, eat some food, and then spend time networking and working on software projects. You can bring something you're already working on or start one of the easy projects we provide materials on.

What to Bring

  • A notebook and pen/pencil
  • A laptop (if you don't have one, let us know so we can reserve one for you)
  • An empty stomach (we'll provide real food and snacks, so come hungry!)

Dinner and Code meets monthly in downtown San Antonio. Head over to our Meetup.org page to RSVP to the next event. You can also catch updates on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


“I’ve never programmed before. Can I come?”
Absolutely! Our projects are beginner-friendly. We’ll also post the project and some recommended reading beforehand, if you want to print it out ahead of time.
“Does Dinner and Code cost anything?”
Nope. Dinner and Code is free for everyone to attend. We believe that everyone who wants to learn to code should be able to in a safe environment.
“What languages do you teach?”
Right now we’re focusing on easier languages to learn, such as Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. However, our mentors know many languages so if you need help with a specific project you’ll likely find someone who can help.
“What are the age limits for Dinner and Code?”
Due to the time of the event, everyone under 18 should attend with a legal guardian. Otherwise… we don’t discriminate.
“I don’t have my own laptop. Can I still come?”
Absolutely! Please reach out to us ahead of time so we can reserve a laptop for your use.
“I’m a recruiter. Can I come?”

Sure, especially if you plan on hiring Dinner and Code attendees. Remember that this includes individuals who may not have a degree in Computer Software or years of experience but who will have a lot of drive to succeed.

(Anyone who spends their free time advancing their technical skills instead of Netflix binging is pretty awesome in our book.)
“Can I sponsor your event?”
We’d love some help with food, event space, or hardware. Talk to David for details.
“Who runs Dinner and Code?”
Dinner and Code is run by David Daeschler of SlideWave, LLC, a San Antonio software development firm that specializes in high performance enterprise software.